Sebastién Bayet

The cross provides a clear vision of the human condition, suffering and hope combined. Bayet knows that he gives other things to view than the fear or derision.

This raises the question of sacred art. In the transgression of the images in the mix of genres. To me Bayet found that it seems like an incarnation. The one who presides over the whole realization. The painter George Rouault has increased the crucifixions and passions, showing the death and forfeiture. “Do not run away of the death and misery,” he wrote. He found the presence, but never overshadow “the hell of earth and material reality.” The works of Bayet, with their excesses, their profuse directions, forcing our privacy to make it lucid. What he proposes may well refer to God – who he directs to – but simply tells the man and his destiny. The art works give time to meditate, with strong brush strokes and images, customizing the trappings of religion to an eschatology of everyday life.

Decron Benedict, curator of the Pierre Soulages Museum