Beautiful Tomorrow by Joseph Klibansky in Palazzo Franchetti big success!

Beautiful Tomorrow, the solo exhibition by Joseph Klibansky in Palazzo Franchetti has finished.  It has been a enormous success as more than 25.000 people from all over the world have visited it.

The exhibition, curated by Luca Berta, Francesca Giubilei and Demetrio Paparoni, has been organized thanks to the support of the BVDS Gallery.

The prestigious Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti on the Gran Canal in Venice was the venue of the exhibition. This building is the marvellous headquarter of the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, which is focused on the promotion of culture and arts.

Beautiful Tomorrow featured more than 30 works by Klibanksy, both sculptures and digital paintings, which were displayed either outside the palace or inside of it, within the main floor.

Miffy and Spaceman were the two giant scupltures outside the palace, which were sited in the garden. These two artworks were considered as public installations, due to the big dimensions that had characterised them. They could be seen even from the Accademia Bridge, becoming therefore part of the Venician landscape.

The other works were displayed along the baroque main rooms of the first floor. For instance, the marvellous entrance was covered with most of the artworks belonging to the series of urban digital landscapes entitled New Urban Wonderland, that were displayed on a tapestry, creating in this way an example of an environmental installation and a beautiful sense for the audience to be in front of a scenography. Other sculptures were exhibited following this idea, such as Baby we made it, which was installed inside a jungle room, and the bronze gorilla called Big Bang, which was sourrounded by black balloons.

The exhibition can also be considered as a great success of art critique within the italian art scene, and has been published on artwebsite and magazines, such as Exibart, Artslife, Artribune, Icon Magazine, Segno, The Post Internazionale, and many more.