La Femme: A Summer Breeze

From 12 August until 11 September 2016
Location: San Marco 2950, Campo Santo Stefano

La Femme: A Summer Breeze

Sebastién Bayet, Eric Ceccarini, David Drebin, Joseph Klibansky

Bonnet Van Der Sluis Art Gallery is very pleased to present its new group show entitled La Femme: A Summer Breeze, that includes works by these well-known international artists: Sébastien Bayet, Eric Ceccarini, David Drebin, and Joseph Klibansky. This exhibition will run from July, 26th to September, 11th 2016.

From digital works to collage, from bodypainting to photography, La Femme wants to give an indepth glance on the visual culture focused on women today. This exhibition wants to celebrate beauty, beauty as a feature, connected to an aesthetic, powerful taste.

The women presented in this show are seen through the eye either of the camera, or the computer, becoming part of both voyeuristic scenarios held in urban landscapes and bodypainting performances. A woman is also the main charachter of a contemporary homage to the famous painting Le Dejeuner sur L’Erbe by Édouard Manet.

As Helmut Newton’s exhibition, recently held in Venice, has shown beautiful bodies, this exhibition is following this type of cultural mood, working on the idea of summer and breeze combined together, as if these women were leaving their perfumes’ scent within the gallery’s walls.

Sébastien Bayet is a French painter whose work merges collage, different types of materials and handpainting together. His pictures are usually an homage to famous paintings taken from the art history, which are turned into something ironic.

Eric Ceccarini is an international photographer that has been working for the fashion industry and the advertising companies since the 1990’s. His pictures are part of an ongoing series called The Painters Project that consists of a collaboration between Eric Ceccarini, various painters and different models.

David Drebin’s work combines voyeuristic and psychological viewpoints. His settings are usually urban panorama of the big cities, in which attractive and powerful women are staged as if they were in a set of a movie.

Joseph Klibansky is a prolific Dutch artist with a large global following, whose artistic practice blurs the thresholds between digital photograph, painting and sculpture. His work can be considered of post-conceptual tradition, enriched with a powerful visual aesthetic and an ironic approach.

The Bonnet Van der Sluis Gallery is a contemporary art gallery founded by Mrs. Immechien Bonnet and Mrs. Susanna van der Sluis. They are showcasing a variety of original art works in the field of photography, sculpture, painting and mixed media. The gallery is a dynamic mix of young and emerging artists in conjunction with the known and established names in the international art world.


Opening: Friday, August 12nd, 6.00-8.00 pm.

Exhibition: July 26th to September 11th, 2016.

Hours: Monday – Thurday 11.30 am -7.30 pm

Friday – Sunday 10.00 – 21.00 pm


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